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we’re moving!

were-moving-4Well, the title of this post pretty much sums it up: this week we’re moving! The past few months have easily been the zaniest in our lives. And, while everyone likes to say, “oh when you told us you were buying a house we just knew you were pregnant,” that’s not quite the case. We were well into the process of purchasing a home before, surprise!, baby alert. So we’ve been juggling quite a lot on our end. But it’s a blessing to know we’ll be in a longer-term space than where we live now. Having a teeny yard and sweet, walkable neighborhood will be precious come little nugget time.

Our new home is just a few miles away from where we are now, but even closer to family + friends. While we’ve truly loved this condo and have our first memories of marriage (and getting kitties) here, there will be so many moments to cherish in the coming years. These next months we’ll be sharing some of our interior design ideas, DIY projects, and overall approach to making this house our home.

xx, the growing musser family

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