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Today’s featured dichotomy is rather extreme, I must admit. The wish it emerges from a world-renowned luxury goods brand with roots in London: Asprey. Having seen, felt, and smelled the intricacies of the crocodile Morgan Day Bag in sapphire, I can assure you the staggering price tag nearly seems appealing. The exotic material is enticing to the eyes (albeit devastating to the wallet). Moreover, being a lover of unique pieces, I became enthralled by the idea that no two purses can be identical (thanks to Mother Nature).
In the worth it category this week I have rectified the unattainability of the Asprey design by showcasing a beautiful piece from Lodis Accessories. The Century Blvd. Tracey Crossbody bag is a dynamite color accent with supple material and sleek lines. A sight for a sore wallet, this reasonably priced satchel is a no-regrets addition to any wardrobe.

[Morgan Day Bag$22,500]
[Century Blvd. Tracey Crossbody$198]
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