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Okay, here is another very ambitious wish it. I am totally enamored by Louis Vuitton trunks. I love their genuine vintage look, brass closures, and weathered leather. Every time I see one I think of a cross-Atlantic voyage (read, Titanic). I try to imagine all the adventures the traveling case experienced. Well, even at the highly discounted One King’s Lane price, the cost is prohibitive. But just take a moment, appreciate the beauty.
Now for the worth it, the rewarding part: Restoration Hardware offers a more modern approach to the same concept. Their Mayfair Steamer Trunk lacks a bit of the vintage feel but makes up for it in sleekness. I love the added effect of drawers (more practical for home use). I hope to someday make space for this in a corner of our loft!

{1,315.00 (sale)}

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