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walker in wool.

[Kenneth Cole coat, Gap sweater (love this scalloped option), Forever 21 skirt (similar pattern), HUE tights, Ava Aiden boots, Bauble Bar necklace (new in green), vintage purse (gorgeous option)]
 There is a short list of places where I can completely (and happily) lose track of time. At the top of that list? Whole Foods Market. Their clever chalk signage, beautiful produce displays, array of exotic spices, and bakery section that rivals a work of art, all entertain my five senses. They even created a cafe space that begs for shoppers to stay and relax. I usually opt to take advantage of the post-purchasing time to soak up the fresh flowers and weekly specials. This week, the light dusting of snow on the ground contrasted with the bright potted plants made for a particularly welcoming space.  
I love this Forever 21 skirt paired with the cozy Gap sweater for an everyday errands look. The patterns make the outfit feel intentional while the textures are laid-back and effortless. The Ava Aiden boots are a must in unpredictable weather while Kenneth Cole’s wool walker coat serves both fashion and function. And Bauble Bar? Well I couldn’t say no to the striking sapphire blue for a complement to my skirt. 

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