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valentine’s day 2016 gift ideas

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, E and I are more experience-driven than we are set on giving actual gifts. Perhaps it’s the closeness of the holidays (and birthday) that overshadow the excitement. But also it seems like the best time to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company rather than having our focus be on a perfect present. And there’s no right or wrong answer here (because we certainly have our years of over-doing it in the gift department). But this seems to be where we’ve settled. With that said, I absolutely love the holiday and can’t resist the playful cards or witty nuggets. It’s sweet and meaningful for friends, family, and romance alike. And I fall head over heels for the little knick-knacks that pop up everywhere from drugstores to department stores. So these twelve valentine’s day 2016 gift ideas are the trinkets I’ve set my sights on in the next week. I know, they’re labeled gifts, but they’re so small and affordable I don’t consider them real presents.

one: a sweet treat to pucker up and satisfy that candy craving ($9.95)

two: a Galentine’s duffel bag to show your true gym feelings ($29.95)

three: a book of poems to woo the one you’re with ($11.95)

four: because no man wants a boo-boo, but every guy has an alter ego ninja ($8.95)

five: a card so pretty they’ll (almost) forget to look inside ($5.50)

six: this book of love coupons that never goes out of style ($8.95)

seven: the perfect trinket dish for her bling ($15.95)

eight: a perfect way to say ‘I love you’ to that awesomely great one ($16.00)

nine: this card to make them smile like a kindergartner all over again ($5.95)

ten: the gift that keeps on giving with a soothing coloring book ($15.95)

eleven: some shimmer in a bottle for your shining star sweetie ($9.95)

twelve: this gift of good fortune for the hopeless romantic or the one who already stole your heart ($14.95)

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