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three ways to style hair in a bun

My mom spent a number of years in the makeup industry. As a teenager, I went through the same type of training with my sister to become a certified beauty consultant. So, I feel confident behind my makeup palette and brush set. But hair is an area where I take the simple route; I’m fortunate to not have an untamable mane. I can sleep on wet hair and wake up with a freshly shaped style. That can also mean that I sometimes get lazy about the effort I could be expending. Recently, I’ve been exploring easy yet different styles to take my normal look up a notch. Today I’m sharing my three favorite ways to style hair with a bun.

Note: The only ‘pre-styling’ I did was mousse followed by a quick blow dry.

side braid low bun hairstyle

side braid: Part hair normally. Take a three-inch section of hair and braid along the crown of your head. Tie back into a low bun at the nape of your neck.

simple top knot bun hairstyle

top knot: Brush hair into a ponytail on the top of your head. Smooth any bumps on the back side. Twist into a tight knot and secure with an elastic.

half up half down bun hairstyle

half up/half down: Gather one third of your hair and pull straight back (without a defined part). Using an elastic, loosely twist the hair into a bun. This style is best kept a little messy and not too plastered to your head.

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