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thirty good deeds to spread joy this season

thirty good deeds - sharing joy this holiday season through random acts of kindness

I’ve discovered that having a child sparks two reactions to the holiday season: joy at seeing the wonder of their first experiences and a great desire to slow down, savoring each moment. Now, I realize some more ‘seasoned’ parents may cringe at that statement, feeling overwhelmed by the busyness and expense of it all. But I want to pull back from all those material bits and focus on the relational. Whether this season is aglow with family happiness or shadowed by past sadness, we can all benefit by shifting our viewpoint. Today I’m sharing thirty good deeds that require little but reward much. I hope you’ll join me in putting one of these into action each day throughout December. After all, a little holiday cheer goes a long way. xx

thirty good deeds - spreading joy this holiday season


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