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things i learned about pregnancy and labor

Leslie Musser sharing this video blog of the top then things I learned about pregnancy and laborI feel like I’ve joined some sort of secret (yet massive) club. It’s the mom club. It’s the club where nobody warned you about all the bizarre things you’d go through during ‘initiation.’ It’s also a club where (apparently) you forget all the weirdness a few months after baby is born. Well, I haven’t forgotten yet. And, moreover, there are a bunch of things I wish I had known before. So I’ve put together this vlog with all the things I learned about pregnancy and labor. Don’t worry, only one of them is semi-graphic but I don’t use visual aids.

It’s a longer video so if you’re short on time and want to skip to one in particular, here they are with minute markers.

one (0:30) – loss of boundaries

two (1:07) – not eating for two

three (1:55) – unsolicited advice

four (3:10) – no unusual side effects

five (4:21) – birth plan bust

six (5:20) – long gone modesty

seven (6:03) – pain with a purpose

eight (7:50) – not a real massage

nine (8:50) – beyond boob pain

ten (9:51) – power couple

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