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spotlight on LYDALI

(photo courtesy of Lydali)

I am so ecstatic to have discovered the company Lydali that I need to share them with you. A while ago, I told how enamored I am by brands that strive for a global fashion mindset (see this post). After all, it’s everywhere. Across the globe, people express themselves through dress.

Lydali takes artisans from all over the world, who make everything from jewelry to throw blankets, and creates an online marketplace. They form this personal experience where every ethically-sourced purchase is connected to the individual creator. In the best sense of the phrase, instead of removing the middleman, Lydali becomes the middleman those artisans need.

The beauty of a Pana Clutch from Guatemala or Turquoise Studs from Turkey is owned at the touch of a button. This mindful brand makes that possible. The products are gorgeous, the stories powerful, and the mission sublime: “We believe in radical transparency.”

Go check out Lydali and take advantage of this exclusive offer for one brass fox readers: 
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Code valid until April 30, 2014.
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