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long white tunic top

minimal, classic summer style with skinny jeans and a long white tunic top

[H&M top, AYR jeans c/o, Louboutin flats, Ann Taylor clutch, Milani “Sweet Nectar” lipstick]

 There were a few little things that made this week challenging. Nothing major on it’s own; but add them all up and I was feeling pretty unsettled. One night I even went out and bought a carful of organizational boxes. I guess I was hoping they’d de-clutter both space and mind. They’re still sitting in bags with the tags on. See? It’s just been one of those times. So we started a little ritual each night this week of watching The Office reruns. I’m always a sucker for the humor of Michael, the insanity of Dwight, and the precious romance of Jim + Pam. And belly-laughing is a surefire remedy for my bad days. I’m also grateful for a husband who puts up with my pretty basic sense of humor (note: I just got done quoting almost the entirety of Liar Liar to him). Without a doubt, this classic and minimal look fit my mood perfectly. The white tunic top is chic yet effortless and makes a simple option for chillier summer nights. We’re looking forward to a weekend with friends and a cozy night in.

H&M shirt dress tunic topDSC_0026-1_edited-1Christian Louboutin gold glitter flatsmenswear inspired casual summer fashiontunic top with skinny jeans and gold flats

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