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layering summer cotton

[AllSaints Spitalfields pullover (newer option), J.Crew tee, H&M skirt (asymmetrical version), Steve Madden heels, Ray-Ban sunglasses, mexican purse]
I am always cold. Truly, unless I am enjoying direct sunlight or plopped in front of a fire, it is likely I have goosebumps. So summer layering is no joke–it’s a necessity. Our first few days in Mexico happened to overlap with a storm, meaning temperatures dropped and I had to cope. 
Layering in warm weather minimizes bulk. The pieces should be individually lightweight and flexible–no starchy materials or cloying textures. I opted for an outfit of all cotton, putting a short-sleeved tee under a long-sleeved hoodie. This leaves me options to adjust my wardrobe based on the changes in weather. While I don’t appreciate the goosebumps, I do love to play with textures and lengths while layering.
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