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Per my instagram sneak peek–I lost some locks! A refreshing cut from a phenomenal salon I visited for the first time, Enzo & Co. on Newbury Street. Sleek, clean interior, talented stylists, and complimentary wine for your potential hair jitters or general relaxation. I think I’ve just started a long-term relationship.
This winter I have been surprised and delighted by the prevalence of pastel colors. While bold statements certainly maintain their vigor and appropriate spotlight in the colder months, the softer palette has emerged with a subtle sweetness. 
In a moment of calm before the party preparation, Eric and I enjoyed morning lattes. As a juxtaposition to my informal velvet leggings and J.Crew men’s button-down, I paired this gorgeous statement necklace from +MallofStyle. They have an incredible array of stunning bobbles from demure to daring, scarves to Austrian crystals. Their affordable pricing makes for a dangerously easy “yes” when the the proper piece strikes my fancy!
[Mall of Style necklace ℅]
[Asos leggings, J.Crew Factory shirt, H&M vest (similar flyaway version)]
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