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a mother’s day gift guide for the mom who has it all

It has become such a predictable cliche that anytime my mom is asked what she wants for her birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day she responds with, “I just want to be with my family.” To be fair, I do know that’s her sincere answer. She wants nothing; but that doesn’t mean we want to nix the idea of giving her something. So every present-worthy occasion requires a bit of extra thought. In case you’ve ever encountered a similar (albeit frustrating) answer, I put together a list of great gift items for the mom who has everything.

mother's day 2015 gift guide
1. gold serving set
3. single initial necklace
4. polka dot pitcher
5. agate coaster set
6. wood platter
7. patterned beach towel
8. fizzing bath bomb
10. honeycomb catch all


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