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a makeup tutorial: contouring

Contouring is gold in the beauty world. 
It emphasizes the best of features and minimizes trouble zones. The concept can seem advanced or intimidating, but the step-by-step process is simple and rewarding. 
Four key products, one good brush, and a clean mirror is all it takes! 
Scroll down for the my guide on how to contour effectively.

step one, SMOOTHE: Use a light foundation to create a consistent base and even skin tone. I love the barely there feel of L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder.
step two, BRONZE: Swipe below the cheekbone, in the crevice under the bottom lip, and across the hairline of your forehead with a bronzer that is two shades darker than your natural tone. This bronzer makes for striking features. I love the easy application of Illume Bronze Duo.
step three, BRIGHTEN: Gently stroke the brightening powder (two to three shades lighter than your natural tone) along the bridge of your nose, under the eyes, and on top of the cheek bones. This powder reflects light and creates a subtle glow. This is where Illume Bronze Duo makes the color complementing easy.
step four, HIGHLIGHT: Use a stark white eyeshadow with a touch of glitter and dab under the eyebrows. This opens the eyes and emphasizes their size/color. 
My Maybelline works perfectly and for a great price. 
step five, BLUSH: Apply your desired shade of blush beginning at the top of the cheekbone, swiping down toward the apple of the cheek. This added touch of pigmentation gives the face a sweet flush. I prefer cream blush, 100% Pure, that blends well and does not dry out my skin.
the END: The final product of contouring evens skin tone, emphasizes facial features, and brightens the overall coloration. 
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