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TV Room Inspiration - Home Decor - one brass fox

I’m learning to love the prospect of bringing a room to life, crafting a space, and being intentional about even the tiniest details. So this board of tv room inspiration is a product of that excitement. We’re again channeling a bit of mid century modern with┬ásome standout pieces. Overall I keep to solid tones or abstract patterns. It’s not that I’m a very ‘abstract’ person; instead, I get less bored of those designs. Fixed lines or repetitive patterns look duller to me over time (and on such a large scale). So we’re gradually acquiring furniture and decor to finish this area of our home.

one: a tufted leather sofa to balance elegance with comfort for long-night Netflix binges

two: this gold grid pillow that looks structured but not rigid

three: the tasseled plush throw blanket to drape the couch (or be a new permanent kitty perch)

four: a gallery wall to frame the television and enhance that focal point of the room

five: metallic end tables for coasters, magazines, and take-out dinners

six: this gorgeous blush velvet ottoman to also function as a coffee table and give feminine warmth to the space

seven: small sheepskin rugs for adding a touch of glam to the accent chairs

eight: a neutral, abstract design pillow to reinforce the modern vibe

nine: lucite ghost armchairs that offer seating without visually cluttering a room

ten: this sweet tasseled and braided basket to store blankets galore

eleven: a mid century modern media console to be a base for the television + home for games, movies, etc.

twelve: the classic lines of a gold and glass sofa table to add another solid surface

thirteen: this wave rug reminiscent of both an ocean and agate slice to bring color + texture to the room

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