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 I dub today Nostalgia Tuesday: I am compelled to share that one of my greatest passions in life is travel. Reflecting upon my adventures I realize just how deeply I have been impacted by my exposure to various countries, cultures, and manners of living. Moreover, when traveling throughout the mainland of Europe, exposure to fashion was at an all-time high. Living out of a carry-on suitcase granted sharp perspective as I gaped at the beauties of French & Italian wardrobes. Over the years I have been bitten by the travel bug and look forward to each chance where I may pack up my suitcase, grab a pocket dictionary, and explore the foreign heights and unfamiliar depths of (personally) uncharted territories. Here is a peek at a few of my overseas jaunts:

[Paris, France]
[St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland]
[Prague, Czech Republic]

[Edinburgh, Scotland]
[Brussels, Belgium]
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