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Less than two months of living here and we have fallen in love with our loft. The exposed brick, winding air ducts, unique angles, and plentiful natural light make the space a perfect nest for “we two.” In my quest for neutral basics and accented elements I went head-over-heels for geometric highlights. 
[first & fourth by Tangram, second & third by Emotypo]
I am intrigued by the perpetual complexity of the first & fourth prints, while the simplicity and straightforwardness of the second & third designs perfectly balance the gallery. Although the concentration of my geo attraction happens to be in the living room area, I continue to involve unique geometric pieces around the condo that create a fluid environment. These scattered pieces then tie together the otherwise jagged edges of my chosen motif.
[West Elm pillow shams]
[South African geometric rug]
[Home Goods throw pillows]

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