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diy choker necklace

diy choker necklace in black suede with gold tips - one brass fox

Get at me, nineties, ’cause your jewelry is making a comeback. I’ve seen a variety of choker necklaces popping up everywhere. Whether the Madonna style of plastic barbed wire (yep, wore that back in the day) or a more queenly velvet version (also wore that), these accessories are on the front page of lots of spring/summer lookbooks. But as much as I wanted to hop on the bandwagon, none quite caught my eye and roped me in to purchase. So, instead, I resorted to making my own. This diy choker necklace is my ideal approach to reviving a forgotten jewelry statement. I love the sleek black juxtaposed with metallic endpieces. It can be bohemian romantic or gear more toward a sultry sexy style. Either way, I plan on getting many wears in over the coming months. Also, I bought a trio of colors (gray + tan as well) in order to switch up the look whenever I want that softer change of pace.


  • 2 yards suede cord
  • 2 anglets (made for shoelaces)
  • 2 small screws
  • screwdriver

p.s. I bought this kit that included the anglets, screws, and screwdriver–much easier


  1. cut cord to desired length (I left mine at the full 2 yards so there’d be some slack)
  2. fold over the last inch of the cord and insert into anglet
  3. secure cord with one screw
  4. repeat with other end of cord
  5. wrap + wear

My top is from here and lipstick color is ‘Ravishing Rose.’

how to make a choker necklace - one brass foxsuede choker necklace diy - one brass fox easy DIY choker necklace - one brass fox black suede choker with gold tips - one brass foxdiy choker necklace - one brass foxeasy jewelry diy chocker necklace - one brass foxhow to make your own choker necklace - one brass fox

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