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DIY smoking slippers

DIY smoking slippers tutorial

There are a few short weeks of fall in New England where sandals won’t cut it but boots can feel like too much. Enter the best (and easiest) flats to make in five minutes. These DIY smoking slippers are a fraction of the designer cost and can be personalized to whatever you choose. And not to pull a ‘crazy cat lady’ on you or anything, but I chose patches in honor of our kittens: Koala and Georgie. I know, the monkey isn’t technically Curious George but it’s as close as i could get. So I’m adoring this chic yet playful approach to fall footwear that’s going on repeat in the next month.

I bought smoking slippers from Amazon ($10) and patches from Etsy ($16). Simply center the patches on the shoes and iron on. Then secure the edges with a touch of Krazy glue if they poke up at all. Voila!

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