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CHOPPED championship

An attempt to verbalize the phenomenality (coining my own term) of my family would be feeble, at best. Let me thus share the celebrations of this past weekend as a glimpse into my loved ones and an example of the third one brass fox adage, 
design for surprises.” 
Here’s to the day I was Ted Allen.
The Food Network is home to the show Chopped, a cooking competition amongst four chefs. The competitors must cook three courses: appetizer, entree, dessert, utilizing mystery ingredients revealed to them at the start of every (timed) round. They are then judged on three dish elements: taste, presentation, creativity.  The chef who crafts the best meal is declared the Chopped Champion

For my brother’s 40th birthday celebration we recreated the Chopped kitchen in a rented industrial space, complete with a stocked pantry, packed fridge, three judges, and misfit mystery ingredients (our favorites: hot tamales, horned melon, glazed donut, to name a few). Swapping four contestants for three and three courses for four, the event went off without a hitch.

[invitation created through Paperless Post]
[stocked food pantry]
[herbs & baking necessities]
[personalized aprons for each competitor]

[the chef de partie and chefs de cuisine]
[Ted Allen introduction of the judges]
[light refreshments for non-participants]

[chef de partie a.k.a. birthday chef]
[stovetop creations]
[dessert round delight]
[Ted Allen with competitors]
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