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bourbon {cookie dough} truffles.

No-bake recipes are lovely. Even when they require as much work as baking, I always trick myself into thinking the process is easier. While craving cookie dough the other night, I came across this wonderful recipe from The Pink Flour. I made a couple of minor tweaks to cut the potentially overwhelming sweetness. First, I added Jim Beam bourbon to the chocolate prior to melting. Then, partway through the melting process, I felt the mixture was too thick and splashed some almond milk into the saucepan. The outcome was ideal. These truffles are certainly rich, there’s no way around that. However, the hint of bourbon and dark chocolate kept the sugar levels in check. They are simple, bite-sized, and satisfy any level of sweet craving. I just had to be sure to have some room in the freezer, because if these were left in arms reach they would have all been devoured!

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