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amazon prime day 2016

My mother always taught me to love a good deal. In fact, it’s somewhat of a running joke in our family that, whether she needs the item or not,¬†if a coupon comes along she will be buying it. That’s why my parents’¬†freezer is often stocked with random pints of 1/2 off ice cream or Greek yogurt popsicles. But, today, those ‘skills’ she taught me are going to good use with Amazon Prime Day 2016. It’s that less-than-once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to shop incredible sales. Best of all, the day offers 30% off women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories until midnight tonight.

I’ve pulled together a number of my top picks from the sale–just click on the image above to shop any product directly from Amazon.

Note: this sale is open to members of Amazon Prime–if you’re not one yet, sign up here.

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