ribbed henley top


Last night E and I looked at each other and both asked, ‘can we have a weekend do-over?’ These two days vanished in a cloud of delicious food, goodbyes to dear friends moving cross-country, and an end-of-summer pool party. There wasn’t a moment to spare but at least they were all good moments. And, on a quick mall trip, I ventured into Abercrombie & Fitch for the first time since middle school. Let me tell you they have stepped up their

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leather black dress


Last weekend E and I began really pounding out our upstairs space. It’s become an unfortunate dumping ground for all things random and we’re desperately trying to reverse that. One thing that led us to, then, was plowing through off-season clothing and preparing donation piles. I came across a few forgotten pieces like this leather black dress that suddenly put me in fall mode. As much as I love my little white dresses, there’s always a sense of

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how to curate a stellar instagram feed

how to curate a stellar instagram feed from lifestyle blogger Leslie Musser of one brass fox

Last week I had the pleasure of being a contributor to The Blog Issue. I pulled together my tips on how to curate a stellar instagram feed and wanted to share those insights here. There are countless applications, articles, and opinions about growing your Instagram account. This isn’t that. Because it’s one thing to get someone to your account for the first time but a whole other animal to keep them

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ribbed knit dress


There’s a rare and beautiful phenomenon that happens occasionally: I see a piece of clothing on the rack and, after trying it on, realize the fit is exactly how I imagined. That pretty much seals the deal–it will be coming home with me. This ribbed knit dress had just that effect. With its minimalist stripes and and soft v-neck the column silhouette is both flattering and comfortable. I took it out for a ‘test drive’ last weekend when E and I

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maple bacon brussel sprouts


We tend to get into grocery ruts. Every week it’s the same aisles, similar choices, and only slight variations. But recently I’ve been wanting to break that cycle. So my sister shared her amazing recipe for maple bacon brussel sprouts and it’s totally changed our veggie game. Using turkey bacon and sugar free maple syrup keeps things in the healthy family while still offering great flavor. We’ve served it alongside chicken or just eaten for an afternoon

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