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Now that Thanksgiving is complete and Christmas music blares at full volume, I thought I’d share with you one of the items on my holiday wish list. Now, I recognize that “thin gold rings” are not the newest trend–they have been seen and ogled for a while now. I, however, have only recently become enamored with the idea. I held out on my verdict for a while as I do not tend to wear many articles of jewelry at once–I generally prefer to showcase one (or perhaps two) significant pieces. The daintyness of this ring compilation, though, has finally won my heart and marched its way straight to the top of my Christmas list. Gabriela Artigas flawlessly executes the dainty statement with her elegant Yellow Simple Band Rings. However, being reasonable for the sake of those who may actually read from my Christmas list, I subsequently went head over heels for the more rustic appeal of these stackable rings from Etsy seller, LieselLove. Happy Friday and happy gifting to you all!


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