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SWIMS ethical fashion company
[SWIMS jacket + loafers c/o, H&M button-down,  Max Azria tank, House of Harlow necklace]

I have a really tough time sitting still. I tend to be both physically and mentally fidgety. I know it sometimes drives E crazy. For instance, we’ll sit to watch a movie and I can’t go twenty minutes without pulling my laptop out to ‘just do this one thing for work.’ It’s not one of my better traits; so this past weekend I tasked myself with some tech-free down time. And let me tell you, it was so rejuvenating. We spent Sunday driving around with the windows down and landed at a local produce stand. Everything made me want to start a garden, which is highly unlikely for two reasons: we have no yard and I have a brown thumb. But this denim-on-denim look just fit the bill for some spring cruising. SWIMS, a Norwegian born fashion brand, recently introduced me to their outerwear line. These loafers and the navy windbreaker are both ridiculously comfortable and entirely practical. The feminine lines make any weekend exploration look effortlessly chic. This little staycation of ours has me all prepped to start Monday right.

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