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second trimester update – all the pregnancy feels

second trimester update - how pregnancy is different with a boy and girl

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My first time through pregnancy I was pretty good about sharing monthly updates. Clearly, this go around I’ve barely got the trimester update handled. We’ve got a lot coming down the pipeline for our family in the next few weeks and months so I can’t pin it all on ‘mommy brain.’ I’ll just squeeze in this ‘second trimester update’ post before the third one hits and call it a win.

Everyone talks about how each pregnancy is different. But no matter how many times I heard that, there was no way to picture it. I knew pregnancy as one way, so how could I imagine any other experience? Well, now I’m living it. Baby girl has offered a completely different set of feelings, emotions, and side effects.


Baby Girl is the size of lettuce (?) this week. Apparently that’s about 14.5″ and 1.5-2 pounds. I would say she feels about twice that size. Over the last few weeks I’ve had more shortness of breath as she pushes up into my lungs. But overall she’s been kind to me this trimester. Much of my exhaustion subsided after three months and I’ve felt energized by warmer weather. It’s sweet to now have Colton registering ‘baby sister’ as he sees my belly grow.


All the fresh fruit with a side of peanut butter and chocolate. In the early months I was craving lots of meats as well as vinegar-forward foods. But I think she’s developed quite a sweet tooth by now. Coming into the summer months where farm fresh fruits and vegetables are at-the-ready, I’m looking forward to having those be a diet staple (and attempting to wean myself off of chocolate chips by the fistful).


Newborn sleep and room arrangements. I didn’t do much research into baby sleep before Colton was born. I was so petrified of the birth process that I spent my reading time delving into that. And I think my lack of knowledge showed. Colton was a rough sleeper for way too long. So I’ve got a few online courses and books I hope to tackle in the coming months. I know there’s no perfect method, but I’d like to be armed with options for troubleshooting when the nighttime nasties come.

I’ve got just about two weeks left of second trimester. That’s both terrifying and exciting. I’m definitely not feeling ready yet I can’t wait to meet Baby Girl!

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