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I am an avid reader of Style Me Pretty. It began with just their wedding blog when I got engaged and they’ve since enticed me with SMPLiving (a practical guide for everyday inspiration from kitchen to living room and outdoor hostessing). In a number of their wedding features and inspiration shoots I spotted a delightful confection dubbed “Naked Cake.” It has a sort of rustic charm with unfinished edges and sweet, adaptable decorations. Although it is layered and frosted just like any standard indulgence, it somehow seems like a lighter, summer option. I chose fresh berries and the brightest flowers I could pick for my first Naked Cake. See the full recipe below!

Bake a doubled recipe of your chosen cake in four (4) 9-inch round pans.

Allow cakes to cool completely.
Slice the top and bottom off of three out of four cakes. 
On the fourth cake slice only the top (this will be your bottom layer).
Begin assembling the layers on the serving dish, smoothing frosting in between each layer. There’s no need to get too hung up on the look of the frosting; even allow some to stick out from the sides as that will be smoothed in the end.
Once the layers are assembled, add a little frosting between each layer and smooth (this isn’t necessary, just a preference).
Sprinkle the cake with sifted confectioner’s sugar.
Decorate with flowers or fruit to your heart’s content!

Serve and enjoy.

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