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kids gift guide 2017

Putting together my kids gift guide 2017 this year brought on a whole new meaning. Now, when I researched the best toys for tots, I could imagine Colton adventuring with each and every one (okay, maybe not the barrettes). I had a blast finding those pieces that could inspire, offer educational benefits, and not be too much of an eye sore for parents. I hope you enjoy this selection! Happy gifting.

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one: the cutest little workbench for a fix-it-man in training

two: adorable barrettes to clip into teeny tiny locks

three: buttery soft moccasins we all wish came in adult sizes

four: this colorful yet classic abacus learning toy

five: an outdoorsy growth chart to track their milestones

six: these beautifully bound Peter Rabbit books

seven: a jungle pavilion fit for the finest of forts

eight: this wooden sushi set that’ll train their palates from an early age

nine: when a prickle-free cactus turns into the cutest kids room lamp

ten: these safari prints for an adventuring tiny soul

eleven: start their design eye early with this book of patterns

twelve: the perfect way to encourage snail mail writers (hint-hint: the grandparents will love that)

thirteen: a most cuddle-worthy bath towel set for the little lion cub

fourteen: this cute, revamped set of blocks for that wee builder

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