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holiday project unveiled

I have been in sneaky Santa mode for the past month. 
When I was younger, we had an ornate, wooden advent calendar with 25 closed-door cubbies behind which, every morning leading to Christmas, we would find a treat. (My favorite were the Andes after dinner creme-de-menthe thins.) This daily surprise, regardless of its size, was an instigator of Christmas excitement–25 little presents in preparation for a glorious day of unwrapping. Needless to say, age was a factor in the continuance of our Advent calendar. Once the last child reached high school the tradition understandably fizzled.
In this, our first Christmas of married life, I have scoured diligently and crafted adamantly in order to revive this tradition for Eric.
Using these treat bags and this marvelous glitter washi tape, I procured 25 small trinkets to tickle his Christmas fancy every day of December. Mind you, these items are dollar-store or Trader Joe’s check-out pieces that didn’t break the bank. I then placed in each treat bag one item and one small card denoting the date of receipt. The trick will now be to keep Eric from opening them all at once!
Happy Advent everyone–and cheers to making the holiday excitement last a wee bit longer.

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