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BAGGU in bloom

[Lily White blouse, H&M tee, Joe’s jeans, Seychelles flats, Michael Kors watch, Baggu shopper c/o]
Those reusable shopping bags right at the checkout line get me all the time. For $0.99 I own almost as many of those recycled plastic bags as I do grocery bags. Why? I always forget! Either I’m stopping for a quick trip (that turns into a full-fledged cart), or I just walk out of the house and realize the error halfway to the store. But I feel a change coming on thanks to this Baggu polka dot number. It folds into a lovely little pouch and slips inside my purse to combat forgetfulness.
Today was all about spring colors, blooming patterns, and sweet pink ranunculus, 
thanks to Whole Foods.
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