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a gentle(man) friday

men's business casual spring fashion
[Ralph Lauren shirt, J.Crew pants, Nautica belt, Ferragamo loafers]
The other day, E asked me if I could have ever seen myself with someone who doesn’t like fashion. Could I have married someone destined to live in sweatpants and grungy tees? Okay, well obviously there would be other factors to consider, but on that one alone, no. Just because we’re compatible in this area, though, it doesn’t mean all our interests overlap. That would be boring; and in more cases than not, opposites attract (definitely us). But there have to be certain commonalities–respect for what the other person appreciates. He doesn’t adore fashion as much as I do; and trust me, I count that as a very good thing. But he does like it; more than that, he likes that I like it. He sees how and why it’s important for me. And he enjoys putting in the effort to look like this handsome J.Crew-esque model. The citrine color is high on the spring/summer radar. Paired with a muted shirt and earth tone loafers, it strikes just the right balance.
men's salvatore ferragamo brown suede loafers
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