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a gentle(man) friday

men's casual winter outfit - a gentle(man) friday

Kenneth Cole jacket, Banana Republic sweater, J.Crew tee, 7FAM jeans, Cole Haan shoes

This week we restarted our ‘cold nights’ routine. Living in a loft condo with high ceilings has a lot of pros. But ‘easily keeping warm’ isn’t one of them. So the evenings look something like this: we take a post-dinner lounge on the couch under 2-4 blankets (kitties included); about thirty minutes before bed, E turns on the space heater in the bedroom; then, right before brushing my teeth, I go in and turn on the electric blanket to its highest setting. By the time we crawl under the covers it’s toasty warm and right on my level. But as far as warmth in the great outdoors, E needed some help in that arena. So this packable down jacket has been a lifesaver. It’s a casual finish to any look that offers another sleek layer against the elements. Combining that with a half-zip sweater and rolled denim gave the best balance for style and comfort.

men's packable down jacketmen's Cole Haan blue lace-up oxfordsmen's cozy winter layersmen's 7FAM jeans and puffer jacketmen's style outfit inspiration - one brass fox

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