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a gentle(man) friday

[Guess jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren cardigan, Gap shirt (handsome option), J.Crew pants, Puma shoes, Skagen watch]
Before living with my husband, I often harbored frustration at the apparent ease of men’s fashion. Their dressing process seemed to be one-and-done; good results weren’t hard to create and few decisions had to be made. So today I wanted to draw a little attention and fairness to that commonly accepted misnomer. 
One of my favorite things about E is that he enjoys style and invests in his appearance. Sharing a home with him has given me insight into men’s standards for grooming and presentation. Yes, they are different than women’s but by no means absent. 
First off, no man will survive an entire day being uncomfortable, so that is a top priority. Second, their style is often a show of status (i.e. professional success). Thirdly (and most interesting to me), men’s fashion portrays personality. Men use their wardrobe similarly to women in this way. Perhaps women are more vocal about style as a reflection of self, but the sartorial gentleman also sees how his outfit communicates identity.
Here is my gentleman. xx
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