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a beanie for your thoughts

Opting for this fuzzy ensemble was a no-brainer. Yesterday was the first glimpse of snowfall and I gather, from my years of New England experience, there is lots more where that came from. This mixed-media ensemble gathers multiple textures for a brief glimpse into my artsy-aspiring side. Digging into the buried winter clothes box I uncovered the H&M knit brown beanie; similarly, purging the archives of my closet, I resurrected the BCBG crop sweater for a slight climate paradox. The singular pop of color allowed into today’s wardrobe is actually a South African coin purse gifted to me by a family member–it consistently resides as a decorative accompaniment to my clothes rack display (seen here). Making sure to keep the outfit classically grounded, the lace-up ankle boot heels presents a hint of sophistication for my daytime attire.
[H&M knit beanie (similar here), BCBG cropped sweater (newer collection here), Gap t-shirt (similar here), Forever 21 jeans, Porsamo Bleu watch]
[ Anne Klein lace-up ankle boot heel]
[vintage heart necklace (similar, in silver, here)]

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