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triple twisted ponytail

triple twisted ponytail hair tutorial

During the summer months I am always on the hunt for easy hairstyles. Mostly because I’m tempted to just throw it in a bun and beat the heat. But that gets boring really quickly. So this triple twisted ponytail is a great alternative to the messy top knot. It’s along the lines of a half up/half down look but with a more romantic feel. In just five steps your non-sweaty neck will thank you.

long blonde hair with highlightseasy summer hair tutorial1. Tease the roots and split the hair into three vertical sections.

So you’ll have one section on the left, one on the right and one down the middle

Boston fashion and lifestyle blogger one brass fox2. Put the two sections near your face over your shoulders as we will be working with the middle section.

Tease the middle section from top to bottom.

beauty hair tutorial with imagessimple style for long hair in the summer

3. Take that section and twist it vertically, wrapping around your middle or index finger as a guide.

Pin the twist in place using sturdy bobby pins.

twisted ponytail tutorial with images

4. Take your left section and twist it the same way just right next to that first part you made

lifestyle blogger hair tutorialblonde hairstyle with highlights

5. Take your right section and drape and twist the hair over both twists you’ve just created and pin in place.

half up half down hairstyle for medium length hairtriple twisted ponytail hair tutorial from lifestyle blogger one brass fox

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