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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015


I love gift guides. I’ve scanned my fair share of Pinterest searches for different holiday ideas. But when it comes to a Father’s Day gift guide, the options are seriously limited. If your Dad (or any influential male you know) doesn’t grow a hefty beard, drink from a personalized flask, or smoke cigars like a don, you’re out of luck. Well, when I saw that pattern I took up the challenge. My Dad is particular. He likes quality things, classic styles, or innovative ideas. But, he doesn’t like being spoiled by gifts and he also doesn’t drink (much), smoke (ever), or have a beard (anymore). So I put together this list of top ten items for a Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015. Everything is reasonably priced, modern in it’s own way, and manly enough to make the cut.

1. practical + suave backpack

2. master grill tool set

3. portable bluetooth speaker

4. manly charging cord

5. timeless + classic wayfarers

6. flexible hold hair paste

7. heavenly slippers

8. smooth-as-butter leather tray

9. rustic chic lawn bowling set

10. macho matte wristwatch

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