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fall hair trend: the middle part


In my sixth grade school picture, I’m sporting an ill-advised bob (more like a long bowl cut) and severe middle part. And honestly, I think it’s the last time my hair went that way. This funky cowlick (when hair grows a different direction and won’t stay flat) runs in my family which makes it a tough look to pull off. So for those two reasons, I haven’t ventured into the realm of center-split hairdos. But more and more I’ve been seeing this style crop up as a top fall hair trend. I guess there’s no time like the present to combat my middle school trauma and master the middle part. So here are six steps to coif, volumize, and pin together the best hairstyle of the season.

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one: wash hair and towel dry (I’m over the moon about this Turbie Twist).


two: take a generous amount of Rusk Volumizing Mousse in your palm and distribute through hair, focusing on the roots.


three: using a round brush, dry hair completely (my Conair is a zillion years old and I still can’t give it up. it was a christmas present from my dad at age 13, so nostalgia wins).


four: take a small amount of mousse and distribute evenly through dry hair from roots to ends.


five: use a straight comb to part hair directly down the center of your forehead. a good guide is to follow straight up from your nose and take it all the way down to the nape of your neck.


six: pull back small sections of hair from the around the face and secure in back with bobby pins.


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