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beat the freeze

Being of the
fair-skinned persuasion, wintertime is harsh on my complexion. It takes a bit
of extra care and the proper color palette to keep a nourished glow. Accomplishing this feat is all about trial and error. In the past, I have tried to maintain my loyalty to one brand for all things: it didn’t work. Skin tones react differently to products even when they come from the same parent-company. Furthermore, the pigments of my skin may not be properly complemented by Urban Decay’s blush whereas their bronzer looks magnificent! I always enjoy this process of exploration and the discovery of new gems. Here is my current complexion aid:
Urban Decay - Naked Flushed
LancĂ´me 'DĂ©finicils Waterproof' High Definition Mascara
1.Urban Decay pore-perfecting primer 2. Urban Decay, Naked flush bronzer 3. Aerin sweet pea blush 4. Stila in the light palette 5. Lancome black mascara 6. Clinique broadest berry chubby stick
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