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at-home five minute manicure

easy at-home five minute manicure
About once a month my mom and I will get our nails done. I’m close with my mom–we talk at least once a day (and then text or email on top of that). So this has become our face-to-face time of relaxing, catching up, and feeling pampered away from daily duties. Although I try to take good care of them in the interim, those polishes don’t last four weeks. Mostly because as soon as I see one small chip I feel the need to pick off the rest. I have a simple routine for this at-home “five minute manicure” that keeps my nails both healthy and presentable.
products for the perfect home manicure
dry + shine drops, Q-tips with remover
trim nails to be the same length
file each nail into desired shape (I like mine slightly rounded)
gently push cuticles to see a half-moon shape in your nail bed (that little white part of your nail)
pink Butter London nail polish
apply two coats of color
once color is dry, apply top coat in one or two layers
dip a Q-tip in polish remover and clean edges around the nails
drip two drops of shine + dry over each nail



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