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a gentle(man) friday


Ralph Lauren shirt + tee, J.Crew jeans, Ferragamo loafers

Not every little girl grows up with a dream of being married. I did. But I never thought it would come so early in my life. Ask anyone, when I decided which college to attend, I promised I wouldn’t find my husband there. Well, those four years played a trick on me. Because I first found a friend, best friend, then a husband. That makes it sound easy, but trust me it wasn’t. And days still come and go where being married at a young age feels difficult–when independence is challenged or sacrifices have to be made. The ‘inner ugly’ rears it’s head, for sure. But then there’s this: one teeny little moment out of a week that’s not spectacular at all to remind you of a pretty sweet slice of life. With his denim on denim and boyish grin, our random ballpark pitstop had me school-girl-giddy again. For you that relationship may not be a husband, but instead a sibling, dear friend, or parent. Whomever it is, squeeze them tight. Your dark fights are worth having when the light gets even brighter at the end. With that, have a lovely weekend.

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